[AUDIO/TRANS] Sandara Park is Park Hyo Shin’s Ideal Girl


Radio host = Rh; Park Hyo Shin= Hs

Rh: so I hear that you like Sandara Park so much. From what I can tell you seem to like thin ladies.

Hs: uh yes uh Sandara Park uh

Rh: you’re already stuttering. (Laughter) I..I .. S s s Sandara Park. What about her?

Hs: to me she’s cool. She pretty and cool and she is musically gifted. And get ages doesn’t seem too young either.

Rh: We could make this work. I have a big connection to YG through PSY

Hs: oh really

Rh: yes because we contact each other often

Hs: I see

Rh: Actually I was really shocked when they greeted me the first time.

Hs: where?!

Rh: I told them not to come too close to me

Hs: where ?!?

Rh: at the rehearsal/run through for sketchbook

Hs: did they greet you?

Rh: yeah “hello sunbaenim” so I said “oh yes. Thank you” and blocked them with my hand.

Hs: why did you block them!

Rh: it was difficult since they were greeting me as artists.

Hs: I think if they approached me I’d run away.

Rh: really?

Rh: ok I’m waiting for an article to come out now about Park Hyo Shon’s love confession for Sandara Park. How his lips were trembling.

Hs: suddenly my throat is very dry.

Rh: yes Sandara Park is very pretty

Hs: she IS pretty

Rh: and she sound so intelligent when she speaks.

Hs: isn’t she cute?

Rh: why are you asking me?

Hs: for me I really like petite style. Rather than a woman who is too thin and tall, I like them petite and

Rh: cute

Hs: yes

Rh: got it. Wow you’ve really changed a lot . I’m not even asking and he’s just taking about what he wants to say.

Hs: *laughing* oh my nose is running

Rh: maybe cuz you have your own broadcast. But your speaking had gotten a lot more comfortable.

Hs: ah thank you.

Rh: Sandara Park you can call this dohngsehng anytime and he can be like an oppa to you.

Hs: I will do my best. Really I would do my best.

Rh: But isn’t Sandara Park d-dating someone?

Hs: *sigh* but

Rh: Yes?

Hs: *slight pause*

Rh: oh…I don’t get that feeling at all. (says something indiscernable because Hs cuts him off)

Hs: Right now rather than that thought

Rh: Yes (laughter)

Hs: it’s that she’s cute. Truth be told. I really didn’t like idols.

Rh: Really?

Hs: I didn’t even look at them during the military even though all the guys were fawning over them. Since we’re in the same industry and if I keep staring at their pictures I’m just gonna get sucked in

Rh: laughing And I can’t even greet them well

Hs: me too

Rh: Oh?

Hs: I would like the opportunity to greet her, Sandara Park.

Rh: I’m sure you’ll have your chance and the more important part is that you’ll just watch her. (laughter) Not greeting her because you can’t just walk up to her and say that you’re her fan. You can’t

Hs: I know. I just want to observe her.

Rh: Maybe in about 6 months if you meet.

Hs: Maybe we’ll meet as I’m doing activities?

Rh: Okay, so do we have any Sandara Park songs?

Hs: laughter

something about needing the album I think they are discussing Hs covering some song of hers?

Hs: Shall I try?

Rh: What do you want to do? Can you make Sandara Park’s sound

Hs: laughter

Rh: We can try whatever you want to try. The choice is up to.

Credits : park77410 + @OMG_SANDAR
Translated by : @ygfan4life
Via ForeverWithSandara 

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