[CL’s interview on Fault Magazine]

Fault: You’ve been working with designer Jeremy Scott for Adidas. How has that collaboration been going?
CL: Jeremy Scott really understands 2NE1 and has been our friend since our debut, so the collaboration went really well.  It was our first real collaboration with a designer, so it was very meaningful for us.

Fault: If you could work with any musical artist or band, who would it be and why?
CL: There are a lot of people we want to work with but, at the moment, we are at the stage where we want to develop as a group and focus on 2NE1. When we feel that we are ready, we will look to other artists with whom to collaborate.

Fault: 2NE1 has such a unique style, Has fashion always been important to all of you?
CL: We feel that fashion and music complement each other. It expresses our individuality and plays an important role [in] making us shine on stage.

Fault: Where do your fashion influences come from? Do you have any favorite designers?
CL: I am influenced by everything around me, the environment, music, lifestyle, and nature — they all play an important part. I am inspired every day, [especially] when I travel overseas.  Currently, Jeremy Scott and Chrome Hearts are my favorite designers.

Source: @Frolicker_21 + @HalmeoniLuvDara
Transcripted by: WeLoveDara/OhDara