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Hi everyone~
We are accepting messages for 2NE1 from Blackjacks all around the world. Due date is this Friday, June 27th SGT (Singapore time). We know its a last minute notice, but we do hope you can participate and can send your messages ASAP. Let’s give wonderful and lovely messages for our girls!

We are collecting messages to put together and give to 2NE1 on their Singapore AON stop.

You can send your message through one of these sites of ours:

» twitter (you can use twitlonger or you can do a cap of your message)
» on our (
» email:

Please send your message in this format: (IN ENGLISH)


(For your message - 50 words limit)
Don’t forget to fill in everything before sending it to us.

Thank You!
We’re looking forward to all the lovely messages.

LP2NE1 Project: Happy Anniversary to our queens, 2NE1!
Four cute mugs for our girls~ design by one of LP2NE1 staff, renKa002!

2NE1’s 5th Year Anniversary Trending Project

Join us and trend #5YearsWith2NE1 on May 17th 12AMKST on twitter! Let’s express our happiness since May 17th 2009. Share your favorite 2NE1 photo, music, mv, moments, and more! Let’s Nolza Blackjacks!!!!


Hello Blackjacks!

We’re sorry if you’ve noticed that our site has not been updated with latest news and updates about 2NE1. LP2NE1 family has been really busy to keep the site updated. After discussing within ourselves, we’ve decided to let LP2NE1 be a site for projects, spazzing/talking about 2NE1, and etc. rather than focusing on updating 100% news/sns updates about 2NE1. 

Our tumblr site: will be have posts of projects or messages. As well as a bit of reblogs from the tags #2NE1. 

Our twitter site: will be the most updated one. Random spazzing…live tweets from concerts/stream..and more!

We hope you continue to support LP2NE1 and 2NE1. 

Thank You!

LP2NE1 Family

Fancams — 2NE1 AON After Party in Shanghai 140411

Come Back Home —

Gotta Be You

Source: instagram (itswth + tangl1jun + xxxdouble_an + liuyiquaner + _stephenieseyo)

2NE1 — Shanghai AON After Party 140411

Source: instagram (itswth + tangl1jun) + owners

2NE1 arrived in Kaisai airport 140412 (For YG Family Concert)

Source: twitter (ayabommi + poyoomn)

Official photos — 2NE1: YG Family World Tour Concert - Power in Japan 140412/0413

Source: YG Family Facebook Page

 Minzy’s instagram updates 140412-140415 —

» “ChocoBi!!! 大好き !!! Bochanが出ましだ。❤️❤️”

» “#nomatterwhat”

» “#critic Sorry, Tomorrow is Monday.. @newseoul#snapback”

» “Round 2 #YGfamilyconcert#osaka#2ne1”

» “Work hard, Play hard, Eat hard!!!!!!#Yummy”

» “❤️”

» “#2ne1 #NYLON #COVER #MAY”

Source: Minzy’s ig (minzy21mz)

[NEWS] 2NE1 excites China with World Tour: Huge Success

[엑스포츠뉴스=한인구 기자] 2NE1’s World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” held in Shanghai China ended in great success.

The concert held on April 11 at Shanghai Grand Stage kicked off dynamically with their 2nd album “CRUSH.” Dressed in powerful gold uniforms, the quartet mesmerized the fans with their charisma.

While the divas fired up the fans with powerful performances of “CLAP YOUR HANDS” and “PRETTY BOY,” they also mellowed the concert hall with their sentimental songs “MISSING YOU,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and the unplugged version of “COME BACK HOME.” Fans were deeply impressed by their songs and performances.

This is the first time 2NE1 was in China for their exclusive concert. Chinese fans enthusiastically welcomed the divas and sang along all 18 songs including the 2nd album tracks “COME BACK HOME,” “GOTTA BE YOU,” and “SCREAM,” as well as with songs like “I AM THE BEST” and “I DON’T CARE” from other albums.

Deeply moved by the enthusiasm from the local fans, 2NE1 devoted their energy into the very last curtain call performance, ending the 2-hour long concert in huge success.

At this concert, YG’s first boy group in 8 years WINNER performed “GO UP” and “JUST ANOTHER BOY” as guests, leaving quite an impression on the Chinese fans.

2NE1 is to move on to Osaka Japan immediately after the China concert, staying in Japan from April 12 to 13 for “2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT” at Kyocera Dome.


Official — 2014 2NE1 World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” in Shanghai 140411

Source: 2NE1 Facebook Page

Minzy’s instagram updates 140411 — Selca with Hwangssabu before AON Concert starts + “Thank You&See you at after party & YG FAM in Japan”

» “1hour left #Showtime #AON with Hwangssabu #Shanghai”

» “Thank you for coming! #shanghai Blackjack❤️ we love you guys :) see you at the after party!! And also, look forward to the YG family concert! wait for us! #osaka#YGfamily #2NE1”

Source: Minzy’s ig (minzy21mz)

FANCAMS — 2NE1 AON CONCERT in Shanghai 140411

Youtube videos —

Instagram clips —

Source: youku (hyaohyao) + weibo (Jxharry + ChuAhTing) + instagram (awei525love + skywalkerivan + ablewangxi + lulovesherself + xmxm971227 + melodyfyj + chutingqi + ninalyu + beatrrrrrrice + pidanni + joggertong + choppermommy + usagi_uesugi + xuxuxuxuxwj)
Re-upload by: donnyoppa + mickayye

2NE1 — AON Concert in Shanghai 140411

Source: instagram (cleverpupu + sweetdream811 + mic14ic)

2NE1 — Press Conference: AON Concert in Shanghai 140410

Source: 最酷娱乐频道